It's time

to do what you've always wanted

Become a true leader in what you do.
Join a community that, like you, wants to change the world,
and have some fun along the way.

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Hard or Smart wants to help you to Work Smart and Feel Free

It's a community for sharing knowledge and experience to work smarter,
to make work more fun and to bring more freedom into your life.
It's for leaders, entrepreneurs and all of you interested in working smarter.

I'm your host in a series of video blogposts . This website is basecamp,
but you can also find stuff on YouTube, Facebook and other social media

Sebastian de Leeuw

Thanks for being here. Have fun!


Work Smarter

This is the essence. Hard or Smart is all about working better and smarter with more freedom.


It's about increasing productivity without working harder and harder, e.g. by working paperless.


It's about less Management and more responsibility for Professionals. About mastering your own time.

Reviews and Tips

You can also find Reviews (of apps, books, tools) and Tips that can make life easier.

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