Everyone can be a Leader

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We need Leadership rather than management. You hear this a lot these days. I think it is true, but I also think that I have a different view on Leadership than most.

Everyone can be a leader. You can be a Leader on any scale in any environment. Leadership is making work smarter; it is finding a solution that nobody thought of before. And it is sharing it with others and making others wanting to follow you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have a hierarchical relation. Preferably not.

The more leadership we have, the less management we need. Taking responsibility for your work and improving continuously, is what we need to make things better. And not only does it make things better, it also means more freedom.

It’s a strange thing that, although so many things changed over the years, the way we run our organizations has stayed the same. Work has changed a lot, and so has the level of education. But management stayed the same over the years. It’s time we change that.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Be Smart.

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