The Next Big Thing

The Next BIG Thing is here

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The Next Big Thing in Getting Things Done is coming, and it might surprise you what it is.

I have an IT background, as you probably know. Early in my career I already noticed that there was something fundamentally wrong with the way we handled IT projects. The most important reason for failure was: Things were to Big!

In the video below, I tell you what is wrong about big things and what we can do to make it better. And if you were wondering: this doesn’t only apply to IT environments. In fact, it applies to everything you can think of.

I also refer to the press conference at Pete Seeger’s 90th-anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden in 2009. Here’s a link to a video about this concert. You can find the part of the press conference that I quote in my video at 23:45.

I hope you enjoy the Video!


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