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Want to be accepted as an expert? Share!

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In this week’s video I encourage you to share your knowledge generously. If you are the expert in a certain area then sharing your knowledge will help you being accepted as the expert. I tell you about the difference between people who try to act like experts, and people who really are the experts.

Sharing knowledge on a day to day basis, and sharing it generously is a strong foundation to a whole new way of collaborating. What’s happening on the internet can also happen in the workplace. People can help each other to become better at what they do by sharing their knowledge.

The days of keeping all the knowledge to yourself are over. When more and more people share their knowledge with others, then we can do awesome things together.

When you’re not an expert in a particular area, then please don’t pretend as if you are. It doesn’t help others, and it doesn’t help you. We need you to be you, not somebody else.

Watch the video below and find out more.

Thanks so much for watching!

Be Smart and see you on the next one.

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