Decision Making

The importance of Decision Making

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Make the Call

This week’s video is about decision making and the lack of it. I’m talking from experience that it doesn’t help when things are big. If you haven’t already, please look at episode 7 where I talk about the consequences of big things, and why making things small can help to work smarter and to reach results fast and often.

When there are many people involved, there is a risk that everybody wants to influence what’s going on, no matter if they have added value or not. The risk is that it will take a lot of time before you can even start if you can start at all. And if many people can influence an idea then there’s also a risk that there won’t be much left of the original idea. Most of the time that’s not so good.

extinction of great ideas

To be able to act upon great ideas we need to make decisions without trying to have the full picture and without trying to have everyone agree. The main reason why we show this behavior is fear. We’re afraid that things might go wrong, and we're scared that people will judge us when things don’t go as planned. But that is a risk we need to take. It’s better to make a mistake from time to time then to freeze and not act at all.

Making things small will help because that also means that decisions will become easier, and the impact of a wrong decision will become smaller. But also with small things we need people without fear who dare to stand out from the crowd. We need leaders on every territory and every level. Don’t be afraid to make your decisions. And soon you will notice that people will respect you for it.

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