Master-Apprentice Principle

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Learning the old way — With a modern Twist

In last week’s video and blog post I told you something about the importance of introducing roles instead of jobs. When you can identify many different roles in your business, then you will see that your business becomes more flexible. Not only will your business become more flexible, but also will the knowledge level in your business rise and will work become more fun.

To accomplish that you need to do a little more than just identify roles. You also need to have a smart solution for managing the knowledge within your company. In this week’s video, I talk about an excellent mechanism that will help everybody in your business to grow their knowledge.

Last week I told you that this method requires that you have identified roles first. The key principle is that everybody is always learning a new role. The method that I talk about in the video is called the Master-Apprentice principle. In fact, it is a very old principle. In earlier days this was the way that young apprentices learned crafts from their master.

The way that we can use this principle in modern businesses is by linking two people together. One of them has to learn a new role, and the other is already skilled at that role. In the video, I explain the way of teaching and learning.

What makes this modern variant so beautiful is that someone who is a master for one role is an apprentice for another role. The old idea of hierarchy is no longer there. There are just two people and one of them happens to be better at a particular role than the other. And so that person will teach the other how it’s done.

Introducing this way of teaching and learning will give people more satisfaction, and they will learn a lot more than they would have if you’d sent them to some training course.

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Be Smart and see you on the next one.

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