Calendar Year

The Calendar Year Myth

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The Calendar Year

It’s a repeating sequence, every year we think we must make plans for the new year and rethink everything we’re doing. And, as you will often see, this causes unnatural yearly change within our businesses.

The fixation on calendar years is probably being prompted by the Financial people. You could argue if there is no other way to control your finances than this yearly madness but that’s not today’s topic, the effect that the financial people have on the way that we run our businesses is.

It’s almost frightening to see our behavior at the end of every year. If some alien from another planet saw what we do every year, it would think that the 1st of January is a very special day. And it would expect that a lot was going to happen on that date. And then it would see that nothing happens. So why do we act as if we have to rethink everything and start new things?

If you want to improve continuously, then it’s, of course, better to neglect the end and the beginning of the calendar year and to look at the things that really matter. Don’t make yourself dependent on the calendar. If something new needs to start, do it now. If something needs to grow over the years, let it. Focus on the quality of your work and don’t let all kinds of other obligations and rules distract you from your business goals. Make things small and give yourself the opportunity to act when it’s needed.

Holiday Alert!

For the coming weeks, I will be enjoying a holiday in France. Does this mean that there won’t be any new content? Fortunately, it doesn’t. But you will notice a small change. The coming weeks I will publish Quick Tips. These Quick Tips are videos that are about half as long as the videos that you are used to (but since the content is twice as valuable…).

See you next week for the very first Quick Tip.

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