Top 5 Productivity Apps for iOS (2)

Top 5 Productivity Apps on iOS (Part 2)

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This week: My Top 3 Productivity Apps on iOS

This week’s video is another Quick Tip. Quick Tips are super short videos with a super short message. Today’s Quick Tip consists of three tips.

In this week’s video and last week’s video, I talk about my Top 5 Productivity Apps on iOS. This week you’ll see the numbers three, two and one.

Number Three is my Calendar app. I use Sunrise Calendar because it has everything that you can wish for in a calendar app. It syncs data with many other apps (like Evernote, Trello, Todoist, and Asana) and it’s very easy to use.

Unfortunately, Sunrise Calendar isn’t supported anymore since Microsoft bought Sunrise. The good news is that the Calendar in Outlook for iOS is now being transformed into something very similar to Sunrise.

Number Two is my Mail app. People who know me will be surprised, but since Mailbox was shot down, I use Outlook for iOS for my email. It really does a great job.

Number One is an app that I really couldn’t do without anymore, it’s Evernote. Evernote is a great app for storing everything you want to keep for later reference. It offers many great ways to put stuff in Evernote and it has great search capabilities so you can easily retrieve everything. I just love it.

You can find more information on these products here:
Sunrise Calendar
Outlook for iOS


  1. Bas, don’t forget the Scannable add-on for Evernote. It’s the perfect tool to get scans in the first place, but also scans to use in Evernote itself

    1. Author

      Right you are Paul. Scannable is great. It’s the fastest and best scan app that I know of. I will cover Evernote and Scannable in more depth in future videos. Stay tuned!

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