Communication in the workplace

Improve communication in the workplace

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If we were as good in communicating as we think, then there would be a lot less misunderstanding. In fact, we’re so convinced that we understand each other so easily that that probably is the reason why we don’t. Especially at work we fail to communicate and that causes loss of time and money. You can imagine what can go wrong when people agree on something without even understanding what they’re talking about. Understanding each other is hard work, much harder than we often think.

It all has got a lot to do with perspective. We tend to think that others see things the way we do. Of course, that isn’t true. Everybody has a different perspective, and that is why collaboration is so essential. We need each other to reach beyond our boundaries. But that only works when we are willing to accept that we are not alike and that we have to find a way for good communication. We have to find some solid ground where we know we understand each other.

Improve communication

In this week’s video, I give you some valuable tips to improve communication in the workplace. Perhaps they seem quite obvious to you, and yes, they are. But sometimes we just need to be pointed to the obvious again and again. One of the biggest threats for good communication is that we have a tendency to make everything we say far more complicated than we have to. Don’t let that happen to you!

Use simple language, don’t use abbreviations, and make it as easy as possible for your audience to understand what you are saying. And if you’re at the receiving end then don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you don’t understand. You’ll see that people around you will be grateful for your question.

Enjoy this week’s video and see you next week!

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