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The WHY of Hard or Smart

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Know your WHY

It’s important to know why you are doing what you are doing. It’s important so you can explain it to others, but it is probably even more important so you can explain it to yourself. Perhaps you think everybody knows their reasons, but you might be mistaking. For a moment think about your reasons for doing what you are doing.

– do you have this job?
– are you in this relationship?
– do you live where you live?

You’ll probably see it’s a lot less obvious than you first thought.

It’s a good thing to know your Why. When you know why you do something, then you can check from time to time if what you are doing is still ok. And that is also the reason that I sat down and tried to make my reasons for making this blog and website sharper than before.

Why I do what I do

I want to make you aware that we can change the way we run our businesses.

More specific:
I think it’s time we have less management and less control and more autonomy in the workplace.
It’s important that people feel free.

I want to show you how to work smarter

This means that I want to give you tips and tricks to make work easier so you can save time.
I also want to show you apps and tools that can help you with that.
And when I say that I want to help you save time, then it’s not to help you to do more of the same. It is because I want to help you to save time to do more important things. What those things are, of course, is up to you.

I hope you will enjoy this week’s video. Thanks for watching!

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