Be You

Be You

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Your Mission

When you were born you did not only enter the world, but you also entered a world of rules and regulations, a world of doing what you’re supposed to, a world of tradition and culture. What will become of you? For a major part, that depends on the place on earth where you were born and on your family. Will you grow up in poverty or wealth, in happiness or misery, in good or in bad health? What are the odds?

No matter what, where, how, or why, those are the cards that are handed to you. That is what you’ll have to deal with. And so you start your journey, your search for a purpose, for your goal in life. Something deep down inside of you knows why you’re here. It is that pure unimpaired element, not touched by the world around you. It’s a little spark that is:


Your mission is to guard that spark and to keep it going, no matter what. No matter how easy or how hard your start has been, you have to fight to protect that pure element that’s inside. The world around you is built on rules and regulations that tell you what to do. They will correct you whenever you’re doing something that doesn’t fit.

Don’t Comply!

All so often I’ve seen people give up. They feel the spark within them every day, and they see that it doesn’t fit in the world around them. First, they fight, because they can’t accept that that is all there is. Then they get disappointed and at some point they comply. Great leaders can help others to keep their spark going. They will never look for adaptation, and always look for autonomy. They will help you grow at what makes you unique.

And although you sometimes need some help to keep your spark going, it is up to you from there.

It is your life. Don’t settle for the spark. Make your fire burn brightly.

See you next week!


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