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Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back, to reflect on everything you’re doing. What is your Personal Drive and does what you are doing fit that Personal Drive? But you know how it is; you have a busy day at work, and at home one of the kids has the flu. There’s just no time right now. You better postpone it until tomorrow. But then tomorrow there are all these other things to take care of and so the time passes and nothing changes.

Believe me, I know how it is, but I can also tell you from experience that it’s rewarding to reflect and check if what you’re doing still complies with whatever it is that drives you. I would so much like to tell you a success story where I woke up one morning and stopped the cycle I was in and pursued my Personal Drive. Unfortunately, the story is a little less of a fairy tale because it was not me that pulled the emergency brake. It was my health.

Take Control

Since my childhood, I have a serious health issue that gets worse year by year. For years I was in denial and worked as hard as I could and lived at full speed. But, of course, that couldn’t last. At some point, it got worse very quickly, and I was forced to take a step back. That’s not something to be jealous of, at least not from the health perspective. On the other hand, it did offer me the opportunity to have that much needed moment of reflection. And it was at that moment that I realized that not all the things I was doing complied with my Personal Drive.

And so I got the chance to change some things in my life. One of them is writing these Blog Posts and making these Videos. And that is because I realized that I needed to do more to pass my knowledge and experience on to others, to you.

Now, of course, I wish you well, and I hope you won’t face health troubles as I do, but I do wish you that moment of reflection.

Don’t wait for some external reason. Take control of your life today. Today is the best day to start something new. Something that makes you proud when looking back.


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