Freedom and Happiness

Freedom and Happiness

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New Year’s Resolutions and Essentials

This will be my last Blog Post of 2016. I’m taking a few weeks of and will be back in the second or third week of the new year. With Christmas being close and the new year approaching fast, we all start to think about the essentials and our new year’s resolutions.

Do you recognize these questions?

  • Am I making the most of my life?
  • Am I doing what I love?
  • What can I do to make life even better?
  • How can I become happier?

With this Blog and YouTube channel, I try to help you with these topics. I’ve seen so many people doing things that they don’t love, and living a life with regrets and feeling caught in a web that they can’t get out of. I think that should stop.

Time for Change

Industrialization has had a significant impact on how we work and how we live. And although a lot of the work in a big part of the world has become office work, we still tend to manage and control it in the same way as we’ve done for so long now.

What I want to make clear is that it isn’t necessary. We can create work with less management and more autonomy for the people that do the work. There are several examples of this in the world right now. And I don’t just mean people starting their own business, although that’s great too. But also within larger companies it’s possible to create more freedom and more happiness at work.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I wish you more freedom and more happiness, and I hope I can help you a little in accomplishing that. If you follow this channel, I will hand you the bits and pieces that you need to make it happen.

Remember that you have to act, nobody can or will do that for you.

Happy holidays and may 2017 be everything that you wish it to be!

See you next year!

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