The Power of Participation

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New Technologies offer the possibility of Participation

As we all know, the world is changing rapidly, driven by new technologies. Adaptation is one of the biggest challenges for people and companies. The change rate is so high that it’s hard to keep up.

To take full advantage of all new possibilities, we should not only look at technology but also modify the way we work. The key to success is Participation. It is the combination of demand and supply through participation that makes the difference. We are so used to the model of Demand and Supply that it’s a big step to look beyond. When demand and supply join forces, beautiful things can happen.

Look around you

Social media have become an inseparable part of society. And although it’s obviously also a new means of communication, more important is that we can build communities that couldn’t exist before. And this is where it gets interesting because these communities can have a significant influence on all kinds of things. They can certainly have an enormous impact on companies and their products or services.

Businesses now have the opportunity to involve their customers. Customer participation can lead to products or services nobody could think of before. New companies rise that embrace this concept and build their entire business on it. They often don't have a clue what traditional companies look like, and they don't care either.

Internal Affairs

Companies often also use the demand and supply model for internal purposes. It is the way we operate our businesses. One department supplies a product or service to another department. But it is so much better when several business units participate in a solution. I talked about this in a recent video about User Involvement.

Technology hands us many ways to improve the way we work. It’s up to us to use it wisely.

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