Drafts and Evernote

Drafts and Evernote

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I recently published a blog post and video about Drafts (you can find it here). What I like so much about Drafts is that it offers you so many ways to handle your notes. And because it does, it takes away the decision which app you should open. You can just always open Drafts because, after typing, you can still send that note anywhere you like. And that note can be anything you can think of: an item for your grocery list, a text message, an email, a reminder, minutes of a meeting, a book chapter, a tweet, a post on Facebook, you name it.


And one of the destinations that you can send your note to is Evernote. I use Evernote a lot. It is the place where I keep almost everything. It is my knowledge base. I use Evernote because it’s so easy to put stuff in and because it’s so easy to retrieve everything that you’ve put in.

A wonderful Combination!

The combination of Drafts and Evernote is a wonderful addition to my productivity system. When an idea pops up I immediately open Drafts, write down the idea and send it to Evernote. This only takes a few seconds. And that’s exactly why it is so great, there are no barriers, you know it works fast, and you know that you’ve stored your idea in a place where you will retrieve it later. And that’s just one example.

In today’s video, I will show you the basics of how Drafts and Evernote work together, but I will also show you the more advanced stuff, like how to use Markdown and how to use Evernote Markup Language (ENML).

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