Probably the best question to ask when you want to know what Hard or Smart is about is:
Why is Hard or Smart here and why can it help you?

I started Hard or Smart because I believe that we can do the right things in less time while having fun and feeling free. We can make work a lot more fun. I want to make you aware that we can change the way we run our businesses. I think it’s time we have less management and less control and more autonomy in the workplace. It’s important that people feel free.

It makes sense to share experience and knowledge, so everyone can benefit from it. With Hard or Smart I want to bring people together in a community in which we share the same goals and help each other to get better at what we do. The overall goal is to work the smart way, so we can have more freedom while also having great results.


In this video I talk about the WHY of Hard or Smart:


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My name is Sebastian de Leeuw. I'm from the Netherlands. Although I'm obviously very busy during the day making wooden shoes and putting a finger in the dike, I still manage to find some time to share great things with you.

I've always worked in IT environments mostly as a leader and I'm fascinated by finding concepts for working smarter, with less management and higher results. I firmly believe that people should have more fun and freedom in their work, and I think I've found a thing or two that can make that happen. I'm always searching for methods, tools, tips and tricks that help make life easier. I love to share them with you. I'd appreciate you joining the Hard or Smart Community.

Sebastian de Leeuw

Your Host


In this video, I talk about my Personal Drive



Work Smarter

Working smarter and feeling free are the most important things that Hard or Smart wants to achieve. It often means finding ways to simplify complex situations, to cut away all kinds of unnecessary parts of work and to focus on what's really important.


Although Hard or Smart is also about increasing productivity, it's not about working harder. There are more ways to increase productivity. There's a big difference between optimizing and innovating. A very important step is Working Paperless, because it makes a lot of other improvements possible. I show you how.


It's stunning to see how fast the world around us is changing. But it's even more stunning to see that the way we run our organizations has practically stayed the same over the years. We don't need old school management anymore because people are very well able to organize their own work.

Reviews and Tips

Improvements never start with tools, they start with people. Having said that it's still smart to look at how tools and apps can help you. Hard or Smart also covers reviews of apps and tools and shares tips and tricks. And you can also find reviews of books.

"Improvements never start with tools, they start with people"


1 First of all, I host a series of video blogposts on YouTube. All the videos are posted on the website too. I want to give you quick insights in a simple format, that won't take too much of your time.

2 The videos I just mentioned are mostly me talking to you through the camera. But I also post tutorial videos in which I explain all kinds of apps and tools, that I think can be of great use to you.

3From time to time, I also post a book review video. I give you a quick overview of the book that I'm reviewing plus my humble opinion of it. And then it's up to you to decide if you want to read it or not.

4 On the blog, you can find everything I publish on YouTube plus all kinds of other stuff that I want to share with you. Be sure to check it. Or better still, join and never miss anything.